Services We offer

Therapy for Emotional, Behavioral, and Parenting Challenges

We offer a broad range of specialized therapy services for families with children of all ages, from preschoolers to teens. 

We serve children from preschoolers to teens.

We believe that children’s and teens’ difficulties are best addressed through a comprehensive approach. In partnership with families, we design treatments that respects the individuality and needs of each child and teen, support the whole child and family, and promote healthy and positive development across environments.

How we can help

Is it too soon to ask for help?

The benefits of intervening early

Early intervention harnesses the power of rapid brain development and growth in helping children and their families learn new patterns of behavior. By addressing difficulties early, family and peer relationships can be secured rather than stressed, self-esteem can be enhanced rather than lost, and children’s expectations for a bright future can be fostered and realized.

The Drawbacks of the ‘Wait and See’ Approach

Research has found that 12% of young children suffer from significant developmental or emotional difficulties which place them at increased risk for longer-term challenges. Although some children will “grow out of it”, for others these difficulties are the beginning of vicious cycles, leading to more entrenched challenges as time goes on.