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Autism Treatment

The mission of the Developmental program of Family Compass is to provide neurodivergent children and their families effective, holistic, and accessible intervention that supports development while honoring individual differences.

Our Autism services include:

Family Compass’s Early intervention program harnesses the power of the most important relationship in a child’s life to promote development: their relationship with their parent/caregiver. Utilizing the DIR/Floortime model (Floortime, PLAY Project), our clinician’s partner with parents to develop play- and relationship-based strategies tailored to the individual needs of the child and family to promote progress up the developmental ladder. Through weekly in-office sessions, clinicians train parents in specific techniques shown to effectively increase the communication, engagement, and regulation skills in young children with developmental delays and differences.
Many individuals with autism and related developmental differences experience co occurring challenges with mental health and executive function, such as with difficulties with attention, anxiety, and depression. Family Compass’s Developmental Program recognizes the need to support the mental health needs of autistic children, adolescents, and young adults and provide affirming, individualized treatment to support the development of skills and strategies for managing complex mental health challenges across the lifespan. Services include:
  • ADHD/Executive Function Coaching
  • Parent Guidance/Coaching
Children naturally learn through play, and from their peers, making group therapy an ideal venue for developing social skills. Social Skills group therapy offers a supportive, goal-oriented environment that works with the strengths of each child to help them feel more confident, comfortable, and competent navigating the social milieu. We work to empower the children in the group through role play, team-building exercises, group play, and direct coaching, to strengthen essential social skills such as social awareness, problem solving, emotional regulation, and conflict resolution.
  • Therapeutic Play Groups for toddlers and preschool aged children
  • Hero Kids TableTop Role Playing  Social Groups for Elementary-aged children
Navigating the school environment poses unique stressors for families of children with identified disabilities and developmental differences. Our clinicians partner with families to better understand the supports and accommodations that enhance success in the classroom through:
  • IEP Review and feedback
  • Classroom observations and feedback
  • TeachPLAY Classroom Intervention: Teaching PLAY is a classroom application of The PLAY Project that focuses on a child’s functional development and interaction so developmentally delayed and autistic children will be more successful in school both socially and academically.Throughout all classroom activities, school staff learn how to incorporate The PLAY Project’s evidence-based, developmental approach without disrupting classroom routines! Teaching PLAY is practical, effective, and fits into the classroom setting in a natural way.


We EDUCATE families, schools, and communities about autism and related developmental delays and the positive impact of intervention across the lifespan.
We EMPOWER parents to harness the power of relationships and play to support their child’s development of regulation, communication, and social engagement skills.
We AFFIRM the unique strengths and gifts of every neurodivergent individual and challenge the myths and stigma that exist around autism and related developmental differences.


We envision a future where neurodivergent individuals are empowered with the skills and tools needed to successfully and effectively navigate their lives, relationships, communities, and world. We further envision a future where neurodivergent people are accepted and celebrated for the unique perspective and contributions they bring to the diversity of humanity.

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