Preschool Staff Training

Family Compass provides parent and preschool teacher trainings on a variety of topics related to child development and the social-emotional well-being of preschool children.

Family Compass has created the Preschool Alliance which currently includes 47 area preschools. Through membership in the Alliance, preschools receive training opportunities each academic year for enriching teacher and parent trainings along with monthly meetings for preschool directors’ to learn from each other and collaborate with Family Compass professionals on topics of interest to them. Click here for a list of current Preschool Alliance members.

Preschool Alliance Activities:

  • The preschool Directors’ Forum
    Each month, preschool directors are invited to Family Compass to discuss topics chosen by the directors. The talks are facilitated by Family Compass staff. Examples of discussions include: atypical vs. delayed development, helping preschoolers develop attention impulse control skills, anxiety in preschoolers, and how to talk to parents when you are concerned about their child’s behavior and/or development.
  • Annual half day professional staff training
    Family Compass hosts a half day professional training for all teachers and directors of Alliance preschools. Topics have included: classroom strategies for challenging behaviors, building skills for life, “Tools of the Mind,” positive discipline, talking to parents, and helping anxious preschoolers. For videos of the 2012 training on “Tools of the Mind”, click here.
  • Annual directors’ social gathering
    This event is hosted by Family Compass and gives preschool directors the opportunity to celebrate the end of the school year, socialize and network.
  • Inclusion in Family Compass  web site listing of participating preschools

The Preschool Alliance annual fee is $120 per preschool.
For more information, please contact Na’ama Malkesman at