Family Compass is pleased to announce our Fall 2017 Parents’ Coffees Series for Parents of Preschool and School-age Children

Parents’ coffees aim to provide an informal gathering for parents and Family Compass clinicians to discuss a specific topic of interest. Each session starts with a short (10-15 minute) introductory presentation by a clinician and a conversation with parents and the clinician(s) follows. The goal is to provide a forum for the clinicians to share their expertise. Furthermore, it is also for parents to share their successes, struggles and acquired knowledge and wisdom with the other parents.

These community offerings of Parents’ Coffees are at no charge.  However, as the number of attendees we can accommodate for each session is limited, registration through Eventbrite is needed and we ask that you register only if you are certain that you can make it to the session.

Oct 26
7 PM

This coffee will be an opportunity to converse with our Social Skills Group Therapy Director Larisa deGraffenreid about how to support play, and increase cooperation and collaboration in children. We will review normal early social development and discuss what these steps look like and how we can strengthen them.


This coffee will offer the opportunity to converse with other parents whose children present with similar feeding difficulties, and with Dr. Shira Benhorin, clinical psychologist at Family Compass, who specializes in working with children and families with a wide range of emotional, behavioral, and social concerns, including feeding disorders. We will discuss potential contributing factors to children’s food selective diets, and steps to begin taking to decrease mealtime stress and increase mealtime compliance.

Nov 09
10 AM

This Coffee will be an opportunity to converse with Na'ama Malkesman, Family Compass’s Clinician, about young children’s common worries, fears and anxieties. We will review typical fears young children experience, healthy ways to respond and promote children’s confidence, as well as ways parents can support their children when fears or anxieties persist.


(Moshe Shtuhl, Ph.D., Billie Harber, M.Ed, BCBA, LBA, Rebecca O'Neill, MSW)

This coffee will be an opportunity to converse with Family Compass' Early Intervention Team about creative ways to develop emotional regulation skills in young children with autism through environmental and interpersonal supports that promote a sense of calm in the child and in the home.



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