At Family Compass, we believe that a comprehensive approach to evaluating children is essential for understanding and addressing their unique needs. Our multidisciplinary group of professionals work closely with parents to learn about their concerns, conduct a comprehensive assessment that is tailored to the child and family’s needs, and plan and implement individualized interventions.

Our Approach



Fees for services vary based on the individual therapist and the therapeutic services provided. The individual therapist will provide you with fee information prior to your initial intake session. Bills are generated and mailed to families by the 20th of every month, and we ask that families return payment by the end of each month.


Family Compass does not participate in any insurance network coverage plans and is considered by health insurance companies as an “out of network provider.” All bills are to be paid directly to Family Compass, regardless of coverage or reimbursement. However, upon request and with information provided by you, Family Compass can file your bill to your insurance carrier, asking the insurance provider to reimburse you. There is no additional charge for this service.

We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance carrier regarding coverage and pre-authorization requirements.