Engaging Your Preschooler on Winter Break

byJoshua Metz, MSW

Use your preschooler’s Winter Break to spend some un-harried, fun time together in activities around the home.

1. Wake up early and enjoy the sounds and sights of early morning frost (“Baby Snow”). See if you can find any animal tracks (deer?). What animal tracks can you make? What’s that “crunch crunch” sound?

2. Highlight the change in seasons. Rake a leaf pile and jump in. Make a net to catch falling leaves.

3. Create a new schedule to replace the one at school, with your preschooler in charge! Sit down with your child and list the five things he/she wants to do today, and then do them!

4. Go for a car ride or a walk, with your child as the leader and navigator. Talk about what you see and hear. See where you end up.

5. Relatives add variety and spice! Have them join in familiar, favored games that your child can already do successfully to keep his/her interest and boost their confidence.